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  • Features of The Leather Gun Holsters of Koholsters Brand

    • Our products are first-rate (high-quality) products produced by genuine leather.
    • Produced by the vegetal leather which is the most suitable leather for gun holster.
    • The Koholster gun holsters made by the hands of skilled craftsmen as special for you.
    • It is in perfect harmony with your gun and your body thanks to the excellent hand workmanship.
    • Because of the leather quality we use, koholster leather gun holsters do not lead your gun to rust and sweat.
    • The double stitched areas are applied with the aim of protecting the product form, increasing the durability and the visual quality
    • Koholster leather gun holsters have a limited warranty for 24 months.
    • All leather gun holsters which have visuals on the website are produced in 3 different colors (Black, Brown, Natural). You can choose one of these 3 color options for all our models.

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